The earthenware (clay) sewer pipes along Manuka Street and Collingwood Street are over 100 years old, and, in line with our renewal strategy, will be replaced before they pose a risk to the environment.

The work to replace these pipes was scheduled to begin in the week of 17 April 2023, though this has been delayed until 1 May 2023 to make sure parents of school children are fully aware of the closure. The project will run for around 12 weeks (weather dependent).

It will require the closure of the intersection from Bronte Street (West) into Collingwood Street (see picture below). The northbound lane of Collingwood Street will also need to be closed, from Nile Street to Brougham Street. Detours will be in place for vehicles and rubbish/recycling collection. Pedestrian access will be available.

We are working with residents to understand their requirements and with St Joseph’s School to provide safe access for students when they return to school.