Nelson City Council has been looking at ways to encourage more people to use active transport to travel into and around our Smart Little City. To do this, we need to make sure we have the facilities to make it easier for people to do this.

Council has been working to provide sheltered bike stands in Nelson. Two locations have been identified where people regularly ask for more bike stands. One is in Montgomery Square carpark (outside pathway to WINZ) and another one will potentially be on Trafalgar Street in front of Civic House (110 Trafalgar Street).

These locations were identified for a number of reasons including the location of large carparks nearby to offset the parking loss, underground services not needing to be moved, not blocking store frontages and having the stand in a location that is safe and visible.

The location of the stands will be confirmed after final investigations have been completed.

Each stand will provide safe, secure and sheltered parking space for 60 bikes each. They will be two tiered stands, so they will only use the space required for 30 bikes.

In the proposed locations this would equal seven carparks outside of the Council building and two in Montgomery Square carpark.

We are looking to begin construction of these stands later in 2020 after investigations are complete.

Concept images for Proposed Trafalgar Street Bike Stand

Concept images to show what the bike stands would look like if they were installed on Trafalgar Street

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