Nelson City Council is launching a new, improved bus service in August this year, which involves some changes to the routes buses will take. This means that we are installing a new bus stop with associated road markings and signs around the city.

The map below shows the routes and bus stops (note - some bus stops are to be updated following the Hearing Panel meeting.

Yellow dotted lines have been added before and after some of the bus stops. This allows buses to safely pull off the road to drop off passengers and then pull back onto the road. There is no parking in these areas with the dotted yellow lines.

While the new bus service will deliver an improved service for the community, we recognise that adding bus stops represents a change for the residents in this area.

Feedback received was presented at a Hearings Panel on 16 June 2023 (9:00 am in the Council Chamber) to inform the final decision of these bus stop locations.

The initial agenda for the meeting can be seen here.

A supplementary agenda (updated with feedback received), can be seen here.