With upgrades continuing in the Glenduan area, it is now Athol Street's turn for a stormwater upgrade.

This upgrade will improve the future capacity / resilience of the area to manage stormwater. This will reduce the likelihood of adjacent properties being flooded in heavy rainfall.

The upgrade work will include:

  • Deepening the roadside dish channel from #18 Athol Street, down to #14 Athol Street.
  • Line new dish channels with hand placed concrete to a length of approx.
  • Install new PVC Culverts outside of #16, #14 and #10 Athol Street.
  • Install an asphalt bund.
  • Reinstate Concrete driveway and retaining wall frontage outside #16 Athol Street.
  • Reinstate Carriageway and driveways using asphalt.