With upgrades continuing in the Glenduan area, it is now Athol Street's turn for a stormwater upgrade.

This upgrade will improve the future capacity / resilience of the area to manage stormwater. This will reduce the likelihood of adjacent properties being flooded in heavy rainfall.,

The work has been broken into two stages.

Stage One has been completed. It included the following:

  • Deepening the roadside dish channel from #18 Athol Street, down to #14 Athol Street.
  • Line new dish channels with hand-placed concrete to a length of approx.
  • Install new PVC Culverts outside of #16, #14 and #10 Athol Street.
  • Install an asphalt bund.
  • Reinstate Concrete driveway and retaining wall frontage outside #16 Athol Street.
  • Reinstate Carriageway and driveways using asphalt.

  • Stage Two involves:

    New sump and pipe under Athol Street.
    • Installation of a new stormwater culvert (with an inlet structure on the inner side of the bend) to capture surface water flows coming down Athol Street. The inlet structure to be within the existing grassy area between Athol St and the driveway to #6 Athol St (clear of the actual road)

    Roadside channel - concrete

    • Increasing the capacity of the two sections of existing roadside channel, running between #12 and #6 Athol St

    Roadside channel - grass

    • Increasing the vegetated swale at the lower end of the existing dish channel

    Existing culvert under #6 Athol St

    • It is proposed to install a new culvert parallel to the existing (twin) to increase flow volume

    Upgrades are in line with accommodating Q100 future stormwater flows.