The stormwater network has been upgraded. The work on Airlie Street included:

  • Upgrade existing stormwater infrastructure on Airlie Street to cater to a Q20 event by increasing culvert sizes, constructing a concrete dish channel on the northern side and improving resilience of channels.
  • Upgrading the existing outfall at the bottom of Airlie Street, including rock scour protection on the bank below with appropriate planting to blend with the rock with the existing environment once the planting has established.
  • Overland flow above the Airlie Street turning head will be redirected into Waihi Creek. This will help during major weather events, increasing the capacity of the culverts and making sure the overland flow paths are formed correctly.

With this project, it was important that we improve the stormwater network in Airlie Street, while still maintaining the rural feel of the street valued by the residents.

In February 2022, storms damaged the outfall area. Work will continue to fix this damage.

Airlie Street stormwater upgrade