From Monday 10 June 2024 to Wednesday 10 July 2024 council consulted on three related proposals which affect our city and we asked for your feedback on the proposals before making a final decision.

The proposal included a Commercial Occupation Policy (footpath and car park dining, street stalls and markets), proposed Licence fees schedule and proposed amendments to the Urban Environments Bylaw.

Combining the engagement process for the proposals allowed us to:

  • Ensure these documents are consistent
  • Reduce the number of times we need to ask you to provide feedback on proposals which all relate to use of public places
  • Run an efficient consultation and decision-making process.

64 Submissions were received in repose to the proposal and can be read below:

10 Submitters have requested the opportunity to address a panel of elected members in person at a hearing to be held on 24 July 2024 at Nelson City Council Chamber (1pm-3pm). Council has appointed a hearing panel consisting of Councillors Aaron Stallard (Chair), Campbell Rollo, and Mathew Benge to consider all submissions and make changes to the drafts before making a final recommendation to Council.