0800 CYCLE CRASH is a joint project supported by Nelson City Council and The New Zealand Transport Agency and gathers information to use for:

  • highlighting trends and blackspots
  • guiding future education and enforcement programmes
  • improving design and maintenance of cycle paths and roads

A quick four minute survey is all it takes to gather information about where a crash happened and why so that Council can make cycling safer in the Nelson Tasman region. If we have more information, we can direct resources to make it safer for cyclists.

If you are involved in, or see, a cycle crash or near miss, phone 0800 CYCLE CRASH (or 0800 292 532) and tell us about it.

Alternatively, you can fill in the online form below.

(Please note, filling in this form is not equivalent to reporting the incident to police or for insurance purposes. Data collected is used by Council to improve safety on our transport networks).