We are developing a process that allows us to work with you to identify and manage risks arising from coastal hazards in our city. This is in line with the Dynamic Adaptive Pathways Planning (DAPP) and the Ministry of Environment guidelines.

The process we’re developing is likely to take some time and will involve the following stages:

  • Create a common understanding of ‘what is happening’ along our coasts
  • Explore ‘what is affected’ and ‘what matters most’ to us as a community
  • Identify and evaluate ‘what we can do about it’ to develop an adaptation strategy
  • Implement the strategy and monitor the outcomes to assess ‘how it is working’ and readjust when needed

You’ll have the opportunity to share your knowledge, thoughts and ideas with us throughout all of these stages, by coming along to our public events and workshops, via this platform and by getting in touch with us directly.

Council is currently at Stages 2-3 of DAPP (Dynamic Adaptive Pathways Planning) on coastal hazard mapping and establishing values and objectives.

Information on Council’s climate change work can be found www.nelson.govt.nz/climate-change.